Hotel Astro Mediceo 3-star hotel Florence

Hotel with a restaurant in Florence

A stylish and cozy setting for your breakfasts and dinners.

Enjoy uniquely flavored breakfasts and dinners surrounded by a cozy and charming settings at our hotel with a restaurant in Florence.

A setting of understated luxury comes to life within an elegant reading room with its library. This designer venue features wood and cascading glass chandeliers, bioethanol fireplaces, books and dramatic portholes. Here reigns a friendly, cozy and relaxing ambiance made up of stylish bold colors and exquisite details.

This is where you are going to enjoy a hearty breakfast featuring a well-thought-out selection of sweet and savory treats as well as homemade artisanal products made with fresh ingredients. This is the best way to wake up and then set off to explore the city.
In the evenings, instead, you can enjoy distinctive cocktails for an informal, yet stylish pre-dinner drink, or be won over by a tasty dinner consisting of simple dishes and recipes that portray traditional flavors through the chef’s skill and flair.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant soul of our hotel with a restaurant in Florence. This is the spot where you can begin your day and where you cna relax after immersing yourself in Florence’s multifaceted and fascinating world.

Pavel Muratov

Florence is alive, and its soul isn’t solely within its paintings and palaces. It speaks to each of us in a language as simple and understandable as our mother tongue.