Hotel Astro Mediceo 3-star hotel Florence

Pet Friendly Hotel Florence

Your pets are allowed here!

Hotel Astro Mediceo is a Pet Friendly hotel in Florence where you can enjoy a truly worry-free holiday that is located at a short distance from the historic center. Your pets are allowed here without any kind of restriction.


We aim to provide an inclusive and welcoming hospitality experience for everyone, including your pets! Our Pet Friendly hotel staff is on hand to assist you throughout your visit and make your 4-legged partner feel at ease in any setting.

Florence offers many green areas such as the Cascine Park where your pets are allowed without restrictions. The Cascine is an ideal city park for an outing or a morning run with your loyal pals. Our staff will be able to advise you on the best routes to enjoy with your pets.

Our Pet Friendly hotel has drawn up the following simple behavior rules. Please comply with them to ensure a smooth visit:


1) Keep dogs on a leash while in the hotel’s common areas.
2) Help ensure that your pet does not become a nuisance to other guests.
3) Notify the front desk if you need to leave your pets alone in the room.
4) Let us know if you have a large-sized pet or if it has any specific requirements before coming.
5) Make sure that your pet does not damage the hotel furnishings.

Enjoy Florence together with all of those that you love, human and otherwise!

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Hotel Astro Mediceo’s rooms are a blend of past and present which is both relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.
These are spacious and bright accommodations rich in amenities and the perfect setting
in which to come back and to relax in the evening.

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